Course Structure

course struc




Year one Semester 1 Compulsory Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
FGSB 81114 Strategic  Management & Competitive Strategy 4
FGSB 81124 Business statistics and Model Building 4
FGSB 81134 Research Methods in Business & Management 4
FGSB 81144 IT Applications in Business Management 4
FGSB 83158 Business Case Studies 8
Year one Semester 2 Elective courses
FGSB 82216 Seminar in Accounting 6
FGSB 82226 Seminar in Entrepreneurship & Small Businesses 6
FGSB 82236 Seminar in Finance 6
FGSB 82246 Seminar in Marketing Management 6
FGSB 82256 Seminar in Operational & Supply Chain Mgt 6
FGSB 82266 Seminar in People Management 6

To offer an elective course, at least four (04) students should be registered.


In the Second phase of the DBA Program, Students are required to work in their dissertation (40,000-60,000 words) with an exhaustive supervision of the research supervisor. To award the DBA degree the candidates are required to defend the dissertation proposal and defend the final thesis. The proposal will be evaluated by the Doctoral Committee (DC) before arranging the date for the oral presentation.