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Paper Submission Guidelines

Send full papers to the Conference Editor on or before 30th July, 2014. All submissions should be done electronically.

Papers should be prepared in Microsoft Word and sent to the Conference Editor as listed above.

Please note the following:

  • File Names should contain the full name of one of the Authors.
  • Whereas research-in-progress papers are invited as well, only full, competitive papers that are accepted will be published in the Conference Proceedings. Only working papers may be eligible for presentation.
  • Each paper should include a separate title page that clearly indicates the title of the paper, author(s) names and titles (e.g. Dr., Miss, Ms., Professor), institutional affiliations, complete mailing addresses, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and name of the author to whom all correspondence should be addressed.
  • All papers should be prepared in Microsoft Word.

Abstract (9 pt, Bold, Times New Roman)

The abstract should not exceed 200 words and may include purpose, design/methodology/approach, findings and contributions.



Approximately four keywords which are tightly related with the topic should be given.



The paper may be organized under the headings of introduction, review of literature, methods, findings and discussion followed by conclusion.

Three categories of heading are defined: ‘Heading 1’ (Bold, Left, 12 pt). ‘Heading 2’ (Bold, Left, 11 pt) and ‘Heading 3’ (Italic, Left, 10 pt). Keep 1.0 point space before paragraph for each level of headings.


Figures and Tables

All Figures (charts, diagrams, line drawings, and web pages/screenshots) and Plates (photographic images) should be submitted in electronic form and must be saved as windows-compatible graphic files such as GIF, JPG etc. All Figures should be of high quality, legible and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. Graphics may be supplied in black and white.

Tables and figures are placed directly in the text. We recommend choosing two-dimensional graphs.  We recommend not using the raster grid and outer surround. Conference proceeding is printed in black and white. Therefore figures and tables should be supplied in a sufficient quality for printing. The source is placed right below the figure or table, Times New Roman, italics, 9.


Marking tables: Table. 1: Title in bold, 10, placed above the table, Left align, an explanation of abbreviations used in the note below the table.



Formulas are to be numbered. The number should be written in font size 10, Times New Roman in parentheses, aligned to the right margin and next to the formula.


  • Conclusions and Implications: each paper should have major conclusions and implications
  • References: Follow APA format for references

Please refer the given template for further information.




Submission of Abstract & Full Paper

25th April to 22nd August 2014

Notification of Acceptance & Review comment

25th May to 22nd September 2014

Camera ready copy

30th September 2014

Registration of Authors

22nd October 2014

Conference Dates

21st & 22nd November 2014