International Conference

on Business and Information 2013

Developing business for sustainable growth : Research, Innovation and Practice.



 Conference Chair:

Dr. D.M. Semasinghe

Conference Co-Chairs:

Dr. D.U. Mohan

Mr. W.A. Jayarathne

Conference Secretary:

Ms. J.M.R. Fernando


Advisory Board:

Dr. S.S. Weligamage

Dr. C. Pathirawasam

Dr. M.W. Madurapperuma

Dr. R.A.S. Weerasiri

Dr. K.A.S. Dhammika


Working Committee:

Prof. E.G. Ubayachandra

Dr. W.V.A.D. Karunarathne

Dr. A.C. De Alwis

Dr. P.N.D. Fernando

Dr. C.N. Wickramasinghe

Dr. S.M.A.K. Samarakoon

Mr. D.M.R. Dissanayake

Ms. C.B. Wijesundara

Mr. B.S.S.U. Bandara

Ms. K.D.G.N. Wijesinghe

Mr. C.S.W Anthony

Ms. U.A.H.A. Rathnasiri

Ms. R.M.D.A.P. Rajapaksha

Ms. H.M. Nishanthi

Ms. P. Wijewantha

Ms. N.L.E. Abeywardene

Ms. W.A.D.S. Wijethunga

Ms. L.C.H. Jayarathna

Mr. D.M.N.W. Dissanayaka

Mr. G.H.B.A. De Silva

Ms. H.M.S.V. Silva

Mr. T.D. Weerasinghe

Ms. T.J.R. Tissera

Ms. R.K.N.D. Darshani

Ms. S.M.D.Y. Jayarathna

Ms. P.W.N.A. Kumari

Mr. P.S. Morawakage

Ms. K.M.K.N.S.Kulathunga

Ms. W.B.M.D. Basnayake

Mr. M.R.P.Wijeshinghe

Ms. G.K. Rathnayake

Mr. S.C. Thushara

Ms. B.C.P. Jayarathna

Ms. P.M. Jeewandarage

Mr. H.A.H.Hettiarachchi

Mr. B.K.H.D. Anuranga

Mr. H.N.R.S.S. Gunawardana

Ms. D.A.G.P.K. Gayathree